Eastern Cascades Natural History Excursion

Led by Expert Naturalist David Wimpfheimer

June 21 – 24, 2019


Meals and 3 nights at the lodge included

Public lands north of Mt Shasta and south of Crater Lake have a wonderful diversity of habitats to explore on this special four-day birding tour. Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, Klamath Lake National Wildlife Refuge and Lava Beds National Monument are some of the areas we’ll explore on this natural history outing. Uncommon birds such as Black Tern, Wilson’s Phalarope, Sandhill Crane, White-headed Woodpecker, Calliope Hummingbird, Townsend’s Solitaire, Green-tailed Towhee and Yellow-headed Blackbird are just some of the many species that nest here.  Raptors are especially rich, and may include Swainson’s Hawk, Prairie Falcon, Osprey, Northern Goshawk, Nothern Harrier, Bald and Golden Eagle. Several species of owls are found in the area. Plants are equally diverse as we explore sagebrush meadows, conifer forests of the Cascades and wetlands. A canoe exploration of the marshes of Upper Klamath Lake can be a great way to see Black Terns, Yellow-headed Blackbird, eagles and osprey. Our base for this unique birding and wildlife exploration will be the comfortable and delightful High Serenity Ranch lodge, located on a 1000 acre private nature preserve near the town of Sprague River, OR.  Tour fees includes three nights lodging and home cooked meals each day.

Arrival at HSR Lodge. Mid-afternoon walk to enjoy the rich bird life in the mixed forest and wetland habitats in walking distance from the lodge.
An all day driving excursion around Upper Klamath Lake with a 2 hour canoe trip through the marshes of the northern portion of the lake.  Varied habitats here include open dry forest, moist conifer forest, freshwater marsh, grassland and montane chaparral.  Each of these habitats has varied birds including many woodpeckers, raptors, warblers, finches and other species.
A flexible day.  Participants can stay closer to the lodge to enjoy short walk or just relaxing under the pines.  We can also include a half day exploration of Tule Lake National Wildlife Refuge, less than one- h0urr drive from the lodge, which offers a wide variety of waterbirds nesting in its wetland habitats.
After breakfast and a final walk at Sprague River we will head south.  The group will spend the morning exploring the dramatic volcanic rock formations of Lava Beds National Monument. Sagebrush steppe habitat here is home for different birds including Prairie Falcon, Sage Thrasher, Horned Lark and Black-throated Sparrow.  Tour ends in the early afternoon/after lunch.
~6 person minimum to go~

David Wimpfheimer, is a biologist, professional naturalist and guide with a passion for birds and the natural history of the West. Since the mid-1980s, David has shared a great deal of information about all aspects of the natural world with hundreds of groups.

From birding classes to whale watching expeditions to natural history hikes, David takes great pleasure in guiding people on tours of discovery and exploration. David’s seasoned focus and knowledge, make for an enjoyable and educational outing. Along with the intended, nature’s unpredictability might present you with the unexpected excitement of a unique bird behavior; or a mammalian critter, such as a hunting bobcat or meandering coyote. Lizards, butterflies, trees, lichen, fungi and even paw prints may be in your path. With David’s patient guidance, you will receive many views and explanations for all these outdoor wonders.

David’s nature excursions are from a generalist’s point of view. Even though David is most passionate about birds and the majority of his excursions are geared toward teaching and interpreting the language of the avian world; he is just as comfortable and enthusiastic teaching about all the wonders of nature.”

You can learn more about David and the work he does at his website www.calnaturalist.com 

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