Bioluminescence, Full Moon, & Sunset Tours

North Bay Bioluminescence Tour (4 HRS)



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Private Tours can be set up Sun-Fri by calling 415.669.2600

Want more time with the bioluminescence?  You should look below at our Public Tomales Bay Camping Tours.  

Meeting Location: MILLER BOAT LAUNCH: on the East side of Tomales Bay- 13 miles North of Point Reyes Station (next to Nick’s Cove)

slivermoonBioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. On dark (moonless) nights on Tomales Bay, bluish white flickers are visible in the water column, which come from blooms of bioluminescent “dinoflagellates”. These tiny critters emit short flashes of light when disturbed, and at certain times of the year put on quite a show for kayakers. Schools of fish in the bay create a phosphorescent trail which can look like a glowing cloud in the water. Seals chasing the fish may create a phosphorescent event which can be very exciting to watch. Night Herons are often out and about as well, chasing the same schools of fish. All this glowing activity is only visible at night when the sun and moon are both down. Accordingly, we have set up evening paddles which should afford good viewing after we enjoy the beautiful sunset.


Bioluminescence & Moonlight Camping Tours


(includes bioluminescence or moonlight tour from camp)


Every Saturday from May-November in 2017

Private Tours can be set up any day of the week by calling 415.669.2600

 Tomales Bay Camping Permits are EXTREMELY LIMITED, and sell out as early as 6 months in advance. Accordingly, we have developed a group camping program which groups of 6 or less are invited to join. (Private camps can be set up for larger groups on any day by calling in) We set up a waterside camp that is reached by a scenic paddle, equipped with tables, camp chairs, camp stove, firewood for one fire, fresh water, and staffed by our capable and friendly kayak guides. All that you need to bring is your food for the trip, tent, sleeping bag/ pad, and anything else you would like to have on your adventure. Arrive at 10am, load your gear on to our motorboat, and then enjoy the beautiful paddle to your campsite with your knowledgeable guides.

On all our group camps, your guide and camp host will lead guided tours from camp for anyone who wants to explore Tomales Bay after the sun goes down. On dark nights we’ll explore the shoreline and be thrilled by the natural light show in the water that is bioluminescence, and on moonlit nights we’ll paddle in the glow of glorious moonlight and stars. (There is still a slight chance to see bioluminescence on these moonlit nights if the fog comes in) Both are wonderful and exciting experiences! In both cases, your night will end with you sleeping peacefully at the waters edge.

10am (Saturday) – 12pm (Sunday)

 Full Moon Tours


Private Tours can be set up any day of the week by calling 415.669.2600


Bring a friend – this will be a tour to remember!  These special three hour events will launch at sunset from Miller Boat Launch. Come see why the night time is one of the best times to kayak on Tomales Bay.  Time: 3 hour tour.  See Calendar


Treat yourself to an evening paddle with Blue Waters Kayaking.
You will not be disappointed!

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