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California Hwy 1: A delicious adventure — Tomales Bay kayaking & oysters

wandahennigexaminerdotcomby Wanda Hennig
SF Culinary Travel Examiner

Why Am I Living in the City? The question came the first time when I glanced upward from beneath the visor of my sun-screening cap and caught sight of two white pelicans flapping slowly and in unison. Suddenly they parted company.

One hovered for a moment — and then plunged from the sky, wings pulled back, torpedoing into the water just yards in front of the kayak. Seconds later it was back up and bobbing on the surface savoring its fishy victim.

Tomales Bay and Point Reyes Peninsula

The question came a second time during a quiet moments. No talk, that is. Just the sound, like tiny waves breaking, of one paddle slicing into the water, then the other — and the cries of the nesting double-crested cormorants, abundant on Hog Island.

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