Outdoor Leadership Class

$375/ person

Every month from March to October

Blue Waters Kayaking is now offering a 2 day Outdoor Leadership Class that goes over a wide range of essential outdoor skills while kayak camping on Tomales Bay. This course uses the same curriculum that we use when training our kayak guides. And we have trained hundreds of guides since the mid 80’s!  

During this action-packed weekend you will come away with a Kayak Recovery Certification, a Leave No Trace Certification, and experience with kayak camping skills like trip planning and preparation, packing, cooking, beach and campfire activities, navigation, and group management, plus an overview of the Point Reyes / Tomales Bay area from a natural and cultural history perspective, and much more.


  • The group meets at Nick’s Cove (Miller Park Boat Launch) at 9:00 AM. Blue Waters guides/instructors lead an introduction circle followed by an orientation to sea kayaks, related gear, safety guidelines, and basic paddling instruction.
  • The group will load their camping and kitchen equipment into their kayaks, then pack lunches and supplies for the day into the kayaks & paddle across Tomales Bay.  
  • Our Naturalist Guides will present information about Geology, Wildlife, Natural History etc. as we explore the coast of Point Reyes on the way to our camp site located on the Western shore of Tomales Bay in the Point Reyes National Seashore.  
  • Arrive at camp at approximately 12pm, BWK guides present principles of Leave No Trace (LNT), and then we set up camp.
  • After lunch and once camp is set up we’ll dive in to The Sea Kayaking Basics Class. We begin with a review orientation to kayaks, gear, 5 essential paddling strokes followed by time to practice on the water.
  • Next up your guides will introduce edging and bracing techniques, and ultimately learning wet-exits, and re-entry (recovery) techniques.
  • ​This skills session will wrap up around 4 pm. Successful completion of this class enables a kayaker to rent closed deck kayaks from most outfitters.
  • 2 hour break to change in to dry clothes and get ready for dinner, take a small hike, rest, etc.
  • 6 pm we’ll gather in the kitchen for a communal meal and talk about different ways to prepare ahead of time so dinners on the beach are quick, easy and nutritious.
  • 7 pm we’ll gather again around the campfire for s’mores, debrief the day, make plans for tomorrow. Other topics around the campfire may include reading tide logs and understanding weather, ghost stories, games for day and night, etc.


  • Group to wake up, eat breakfast & have camp taken down by 9 am. We’ll leave our camp gear packed up but staged on the beach. In our unloaded kayaks, we’ll paddle out from camp to practice and reinforce the paddling skills and techniques from yesterday.
  • 12 pm we’ll head back to our camp beach for lunch, packing up our kayaks and Q&A. 
  • 1 pm – 2:30pm paddle as a group back to Miller Boat Launch.
  • 2:30 pm at Miller Boat Launch, we’ll unload our kayaks and clean up, Q & A opportunity & closing circle.

This class is geared towards a wide range of individuals, and is best suited for folks who spend (or want to spend) time in the outdoors, take their friends and families on trips, lead groups as a volunteer or for an organization, or anyone who simply wants to improve their skill sets. We can also set up private classes for groups and organizations.