For Sale – Kayaks & Boards

All prices are for the kayak only. 

New Paddles are available for $120 each (Aqua Bound Manta Ray Paddles – 230cm)

New PFDs for $65 each (Onyx MoveVent)

Riot Escape 10


8 Available

Designed for more serious recreational angler kayakers, this single sit-on-top kayak is perfect for all water environments. Loaded with features for almost any day outing, this kayak combines stability and performance with an excellent load capacity to keep you well provisioned and properly organized.


Length: 10.9″
Width: 33.3″
Height: 14.6″
Weight: 58.9 lbs
Max Capacity: 400 lbs

Riot Escape Duo


10 Available

There is always room for improvement and so Riot did just that. The Escape Duo’s new design means more room, more volume capacity, and designed for big water in case you get caught out in a windy day. If you’re looking for the ultimate stacking tandem sit-on-top, grab a Duo!


Length: 14′ 1″
Width: 35″
Depth: 15.5″
Maximum Load: 610 lbs
Weight: 66.8 lbs

Riot Polarity 16.5 Tandem Kayak w/ Rudder


6 available 

The fastest rotomolded tandem and amongst the shortest and easiest to handle, the Polarity has a distinctive catamaran hull that makes it quick, stable and durable all at once. Plenty of room for storage in the front and rear compartments, a full lifeline and lots of deck rigging complement this fun boat with a touch of safety and convenience.


LENGTH: 16’6” 
WIDTH: 25” 
WEIGHT: 87.1 lbs 
MAX CAPACITY: 551 lbs 

Riot Mako 12 Pedal Drive Kayaks

$1000 (Like New!)

2 available 

The Mako 12 was created with adventure in mind. This pedal kayak was designed to perform well on flat water or big water for fishing, photography or as a dive platform. Our Impulse Drive pedal unit is the simplest and the lightest on the market, open to the elements yet requiring no special maintenance. Our Comfort Seat, adjustable for leg length and with a high supportive back, is comfortable and quick to dry, and the rudder steering box can be placed on either side to suit your preference.


LENGTH: 12’3″
WIDTH: 34″
WEIGHT: 84.4 lbs

*Necky Amaruk Tandem Kayak w/ Rudder

 $450 (used)

2 Available

A tandem sit-in kayak with all the outfitting and comfort of a solo boat, the Amaruk is the perfect touring choice for couples or pairs wanting to paddle together. This kayak has loads of storage space and all sorts of features, making it the ideal choice for a weekend trip or long days on the water.

*These kayaks are all well used, but are still seaworthy.


LENGTH: 17’10”
WIDTH: 28.5″
WEIGHT: 91 lbs